Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To develop basics and fundamentals of commerce, management and industry.

PO2-To develop curiosity and knowledge in various functional areas of business like marketing, finance, production, human resource, sales and technology.

PO3-To bridge the gap between theory and practice by undertaking wide surveys, minute observations and interacting with industry personnel and other organization.

PO4-To develop creative and analytical ability for problem solving.

PO5-To inculcate human, social, moral, spiritual and professional ethics and values.

PO6-To create awareness about environment protection and its sustainability.

PO7-To sensitize the students with the significance of gender just society.

PO8-To promote managerial leadership and social qualities.

PO9-To make better individuals and responsible citizens with value system.


Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To impart professional training to upgrade computer and soft skills.

PO2-To develop competency and capability to prepare for test cases.

PO3-To make professional developer by inculcating a practice to develop creative and innovative programme.

PO4-To develop analytical mind for the creation of effective software.

B.Sc.(Computer Science)

Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To construct mathematical and statistical models to develop software for data analysis.

PO2-To prepare the students for minor electronic projects individual/team.

PO3-To make effective use of knowledge in the field of electronics for embedded system.

PO4 -To create a ground for data analysis, interpretation and logic building.

PO5-To imbibe knowledge of networking and hardware components for effective administration of ICT enabled learning.


Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To Understand and know the methods and techniques of managing complexities of business.

PO2-To start business and become self-reliant and self employed.

PO3-To develop soft skills, communication skills and social skills to communicate fluently, meet and convince people on various occasions and to develop wide public relations.

PO4-To make students familiar with various functional areas of management and business.

PO5-To concentrate on various financial aspects of business.

PO6-To create awareness of international logistic, supply chain management, storage, transportation and distribution.

PO7-To understand and know phases and documentation of import export procedure.

PO8-To tackle the difficulties and discrepancies in import export trade practically.


Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To encourage and motivate students for self employment.

PO2-To develop communication skill, conversation skills, art of writing and public relation.

PO3-To inculcate entrepreneurial skill to become job creator.

PO4-To specialize the students in human resource, finance and marketing.

PO5-To imbibe problem solving ability in logical manner to reach out an amicable solution.

PO6-To prepare for industry exposure so as to align theory with practice.

Course PGDFT

Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To train graduate of any discipline in various theoretical and practical aspects of foreign trade.

PO2-To make them familiar with import export procedure.

PO3-Making assignments and projects and their successful completion with concrete suggestions, recommendations, findings and conclusion.

PO4-Imbibe the knowledge and understanding of commercial geography so as to transact smoothly across the globe.

Course PGDBF

Program outcomes (PO)

PO1-To create awareness about financial system in India.

PO2-To know and understand functioning of Central Bank and measures initiated like credit control, reverse repo rate, statutory liquidity ratio and fiscal policies impacting Indian Economy.

PO3-To understand the accounting system and the final account of companies.

PO4-To make familiarize with bank lending procedure and practices.