Internal Complaint Committee


In pursuance of Vigilance Section, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of H.R.D. letter F. No. C-36011/1/2010.PG dated 20th January 2015 a Complaint Committee of this college is constituted hereby as per following composition to receive and examine complaints of “Sexual Harassment of Women at the Work place” in terms of Section 4 of SHWW (PPR) Act, 2013.



Sr. No. Name of Committee Members Designation
1. Dr. Devidas Golhar Chairperson
2. Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni Coordinator
3. Prof. S. M. Edke Member
4. Dr. Swapna Kolhatkar Member
5. Dr. Nidhi Satavlekar Member
6. Mr. Santosh Shenai Member
7. Mrs. Vaishali Aprajit Social – DeAsra Foundation
8. Adv. Anant Shaligram Lawyer
9. Ms. Meera Kawtikwar Police Inspector
9. Mrs. Harshala S. Wadkar Non-Teaching Member

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