As a part of student development, we have been conducting sessions for students that focus on enhancing the psychological well-being of students since that is the pre-cursor for academic or any other development. For example, If students are taught about the impact of ‘being proactive’ on their lives, they will spend their student years making the most of their skills and time and will be able to reach closer to their potential.

Instead of waiting for students to get stressed and experience negative thoughts and feelings, students are armed with techniques and knowledge that will help them in living a healthy lifestyle. Students are encouraged to exercise by showing them the research about how physical activity enhances our overall life and helps us become successful. The focus of all the sessions is to enhance well-being and positive feelings among students.

Students who are struggling with academics or personal life and need assistance, are encouraged to sign up for counseling sessions as needed. The typical problems that are seen range from relationship issues to adjustment and academic pressure. Students are guided and counseled in a supportive manner with the goal that they can become independent in facing struggles and stress with resilience in the future.

Students are also helped to identify areas that they need to work on with the goal of starting their professional life, and they are encouraged to look out for resources to become proficient at that skill.

Following are the areas that are covered with respect to Personality development and psychological well-being of students. The topics are combined as per the requirement and are delivered to students in very interactive sessions.

Topics for enhancing Psychological Well-being of students:

1. Becoming successful – The first step Introspecting and understanding the concept, and learning ways to work towards becoming successful.
2. Take charge – Being proactive This focuses on helping students take responsibility for our actions and our life. Techniques to become more proactive.
3. My goal! Understanding our mission and setting goals in our personal and professional life. This also includes the next step of prioritizing and managing time.
4. Increasing our happiness quotient Learning ways to look at the positive aspects of our life and learning ways to lead a richer, fulfilling life.
5. Relationships Understanding how we can work on our relationships at home and at the work place and making a quality difference to our relationships.
  Developing the ‘growth’ mindset This module will encourage students to take on a fresh perspective on how they can develop talent and skills and continue to learn throughout life.
6. Body talk The power of body language and how it shapes our life. Learning to apply the research based principles of body language and making a positive impact on our life.
7. Effective Presentations This focuses on helping students understand the idea of presentations, working on effective ppt. presentations, and building confidence in delivering effective presentations.