Extra Mural Studies


The College had established the Extra- Mural Studies(BEMS) Cell for adult education, extension, enlightenment through reaching to outreach people.The purpose of the Cell  of Extra-Mural Studies is to bring the College to the people by using the facilities and resources of the college for the education of the adult population and the youth for their economic, social and cultural development. BEMS organizes the Lecture Series for People, Extension Education In carrying out these activities, various educational techniques are employed such as personal contacts, villages study clubs, senior citizens clubs, mass meetings, conferences, short courses, anniversaries, rallies, publications, radio programmes and development oriented booklets,

In light of these objectives, BEMS organizes educational programmes such as Dr. Babasaheb Jayakar lecture series, Yashawantrao Chavhan lecture series, Sant Gadage Baba Jeshtha Nagarik lecture series,


  1. To promote cognitive skills to deal with information and knowledge for sustainable development.
  2. To conduct lecture series, need-based programs, and various courses for the community.
  3. To conduct awareness campaigns, cultural programs for senior citizens.

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