Code of Research Ethics




Code of ethics is one of the ethics in research to tackle plagiarism as a researcher claims others work as his/her own which degrades the entire research process and it becomes the work of invitation and hampers the reputation of the researcher and the institution from which he/she completes his/her research work.

Therefore, the need arises to assess the research work of the students and researcher who produce their work in the form of research papers, research articles, project reports, research proposals and thesis work. In order to make the research work crystal clear and the original work on the part researcher, it should go through the process of plagiarism to maintain high academic standards.

The unethical scientific behaviour in the form of plagiarism is never acceptable therefore the measures have been taken to ensure that the research work is at par with the national and international standards and parameters. The researcher should be made responsible for maintaining professional ethics by avoiding plagiarism and the work of imitation in research.

Our college follows the code of ethics in research in the following ways:

  • While undertaking research, our institution correlates its vision and mission with the process of research. Our vision is to work for equity, justice and contentment of the stakeholders. Researcher using one of the important stakeholders, we consider justice in form of fair treatment to all the individuals involved in research, to confirm fairness of agreement between individuals, fairness of distribution in the form of allocation of funds to the researcher and its benefits to the society and punishment if there is contravention of research ethics and regulations.
  • Goodwill refers to the ethical conduct of research which comprises of not to cause any harm to living beings involved in research and to increase possible benefits to all the stakeholders of the society and also maintain the secrecy and confidentiality aspects of the responders.
  • In order to maintain professional standards in the research work, the researcher should follow the principle of professionalism which covers integrity and quality in research process. Integrity refers to rely on truth and objectivity of the research work and accuracy, reliability and degree of excellence in the process of research and related work.
  • The principle of accountability should not be overlooked or ignored as researcher is responsible for originality of research work and the reporting of research. The research work should not be work of imitation; however, the benchmarking improvements in the research process are welcomed.

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