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Omkar Kaujalgi
BCA (2015-17 batch)

Omkar Kaujalgi – BCA (2015-17 batch)

The learning at MMCC BCA (2015-17 batch) enabled me to take up Master’ Degree programme in Australia and I continued to receive guidance from my teachers that helped me achieve success in my career. I had keen interest in doing my academic work sincerely and punctually which to this day has benefited me in my work at the postgraduate level. The practical knowledge of new technologies and programming concepts have helped me in my career and my growth from student to professional. The student events at the end of the academic year encouraged me to participate in programming competitions and also organize these events as a final year student.

Amey Barve
BCA (2012-14 batch)

Amey Barve – BCA (2012-14 batch)

My journey from an Art Circle student at MMCC till the Marathi serial, ‘ Sahkutumb Sahparivar’ has been interspersed with a kaleidoscopic view of acting, directing, writing etc. I have been fortunate enough to get a platform to explore my passion in dramatics and continue to guide my alma mater. I have fond memories of my first month in college while pursuing BCA (2012-14 batch) where lectures and practicals kept me busy with academics and my interest in dramatics took shape under Art Circle. The support and encouragement from my teachers and friends propelled me to pursue a career in creativity. I continue my association with college and young aspirants for channeling their talent in this area through the vibrant platform provided by college.

Vedashree Mane
BBA-IB Batch 2021-2022

Vedashree Mane – BBA-IB Batch 2021-2022

Being a “Corona batch” student, I attended the college physically in my first year. Teachers were really helpful and very patient with us. Even when we were attending online classes every concept were taught particularly which made the online classes interesting. Also on a personal note, all the teachers supported me in my personal problem. Everybody here is very supportive and are always there to clear all your doubts. I would like to thank everyone here in MMCC, I am really grateful.

Shifa Chaudhary
BBA Batch 2021-2022

Shifa Chaudhary – BBA Batch 2021-2022

I am a BBA graduate from MMCC. If I want to describe my overall experience in a word it will be ‘Phenomenal’. First and foremost I would like to thank to all the faculty members of the college for giving us such a wonderful experience in teaching. We never felt any sort of hesitation in asking our queries to any of the faculty members. We had the most amazing, helpful and generous Professors with us. They have our backs in every situation. Teaching was made fun and easier we enjoyed our sessions. Coming to the campus life of the college we had many platforms where we explored our skills, implemented them upgraded ourselves tremendously. Cultural activities, Business quiz, Sports week, and much more helped us to grow ourselves in various aspects. Apart from the learnings, the most precious thing I got from MMCC are my friends. We made such a beautiful bond and memories which is for life.

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