Rakshabandhan Celebration At Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre


Report On Rakshabandhan Celebration At Paraplegic Rehabiliation Centre

Rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. At the paraplegic rehabilitation centre, the celebration of Rakshabandhan is undoubtedly a special and heart warming occasion for the residents.

During this festival, the centre created a vibrant and joyous atmosphere, filled with love and camaraderie. The staff and volunteers collaborated to organize various activities and events to make the day memorable for everyone.  

The celebration typically began with a traditional Rakhi tying ceremony. Sisters, both from the centre and sometimes even from outside, visited the residents and tie colourful Rakhis on their wrists. This ritual signifies the bond between siblings and serves as a symbol of protection and love. The residents, in return, showed their sisters with blessings and expressed their gratitude for their support.

The centre also organized a special feast where residents, staff, and volunteers came together to enjoy delicious traditional food.

It was truly heart warming to witness the celebration of Rakshabandhan at the paraplegic rehabilitation centre. The love and care shown by the staff and volunteers, who visit, uplift the spirits of the residents and remind them that they are an integral part of a supportive and loving community. The celebration not only brought joy to the residents but also helped in promoting a positive and inclusive environment within the centre.

The event was organised by Asst. Prof. Snehal Borkar under the guidance of Principal Dr. Devidas Golhar and HOD Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni.

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