Expressing, Impressing & Narrating Chapter in a Book


Report on Session, ‘Expressing, Impressing & Narrating Chapter in a Book’ conducted under Teacher Forum

The Department of Computer Science conducted an interactive session on ‘Expressing, Impressing & Narrating Chapter in a Book’ on 28th July 2023 under Teacher Forum for all in-house faculty members. The session was conducted by Dr. Swapna Kolhatkar, IQAC Coordinator where she discussed various types of writing, online publishers and further she shared her experience on various aspects of chapter writing. She also conducted an activity where she asked all participants to organize their thoughts on a piece of paper containing three dots in a diagonal. The feedback received was motivating for planning on a book by all interested college faculty members.

The Objective: The session was aimed at generating awareness among faculty members on online facilities for book/chapter publication and articulating thoughts for their presentation as a chapter or book.

The Outcome: The in-house faculty members got awareness on individual writing interests and practices, developing the writing skills through observations and critical thinking along with online publishing facilities

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