Workshop on PCB Designing

Friday, 03 January 2020 09:40

Workshop on PCB Designing

PCB design

One Day Workshop on “PCB Designing and Testing”
Organized by Department of Computer Science.

The Department B.SC.(Computer Science) arranges the various kinds of
Workshops on continuous basis to enhance student’s practical & technical skill and to make them compatible with industry. To fulfil departmental goal and industry need computer science (in Electronics) & department has organized “A one day workshop on "PCB designing and Testing" Presented by Ganesh Sutar.Technical Engineer, A square Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in which knowledge of “How the PCB Designing is done in industry?” was given to the our college Students on 19th December, 2019.

PCB Designing is one of most emerging field in Electronics in today’s era. For the students of Computer Science (Electronics) this is a good field to start their career.PCB designers are key persons in research and development (R&D), electronics production units as well as in the PCB industry. Event was started by the informative and motivational talk to have a healthy “PCB Designing and Testing Workshop”. The workshop started with an inaugural function at 10:00 A.M. on 19th December, 2019.Dr. Rajeshwari Biradar Welcomed to the guest and addressed the workshop.

Following content are covered in workshop:

  1. Schematic Design
  2. Component footprint Design
  3. Integrated library Design
  4. PCB design and Routing
  5. Itching of PCB