Report of National Service Scheme
For the Academic Year: 2017-18

The University of Pune granted permission for a unit of 100 N.S.S students to the college for the academic year 2017-18.National service scheme is one of the unique departments working in the college right from the inception.Personality development, confidence building, selflessness attitude, ready to work for 24 hrs without any expectations these are the distinct features of this department. Inculcating good moral and ethical values amongst the youth is one of the objectives of this department

During academic year 2017-18 our N.S.S unit has implemented following activities

N.S.S Regular Activities.

1. Inaugration of N.S.S unit
The inaugration ceremony of N.S.S unit was held on 20th June 2017.Prin.Dr. M.D.Lawrence, Prof.S.M.Edke,Prof.S.M.Gangane(Programme Officer NSS)were presents on the occasion. Prof. S. M. Gangane(Programme Officer)outlined the programmes of the N.S.S where as Prof. S. M. Edke spoke on ‘special winter camp’ and other extension activities conducted through N.S.S. Prin. Dr. M.D. Lawrence motivated the students towards various social activities and guided them in proper direction.

2. Guest Lectures/Lecture series.
In order to create interest about social activities amongst the students N.S.S department had organized various lectures on different social issues which can be summarized as follows.

  • Special program awareness against Drug abuse and Illicit trafficking :

On 27th June 2017 observed “International day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking”. API Sanjay Thenge, (Chaturshringi Police Station, Pune) guided students regarding Illicit trafficking and provisions in the law regarding criminal activities of drug trafficking.

Dr. Duhane and Mr. Chandekar of AnandvanRehabitation Center, Pune interacted students regarding consequences of various drugs on the health and psychology of students. More than 120 students were present for the programme.

  • Special program on occasion of 9th August ‘Kranti Din’

On 9th August 2017, on the occasion of ‘Kranti Din’ special lectures on ‘contribution of SwatantrayavirSavarkar’ was organised at Dnyaneshwar hall.Dr. M.D. Lawrence. Prin. Dandekar Sirguided the students on this occasion.Prin.Dandekarbriefly reviewed the biography ofVinayakDamodarSavarkar. About 100 students were present for the programme.

  • Lecture on “Thoughts ofDr. Ambedkar on social development

On 22nd August 2017 N.S.S department of our college organised lecture on ‘Thoughts of DrB.R.Ambedkar on Socio Economic development of India. Hon. B.N. Patilan eminent speaker on Sociology was been invited as the resource person.During his lecture he outlined some unique qualities of Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarand encouraged the students to be a great person likeDr. BabasahebAmbedkar.

  • Lecture on Sports

On 2ndSepetember2017 the N.S.S department of the college organised a special lecture on importance of sports in the human life Dr. N.S.Borade an eminentAyurvedacharya was the main speaker of the program while explaining the importance of indoor & outdoor games he narrated the advantages of indoor & outdoor games in human life.

He said after any types of indoor & outdoor games human body gets full exercise which keeps the person always cheerful & happy. He advised the N.S.S volunteers to involve such games rather than wasting your time in unnecessary activities

  • Environment awareness regarding E- Wastage :

On 20th Sept.,2017 documentary shown to NSS volunteers and other students. 224 students have participated in programme.

  • NSS DAY :

On 24th Sept.,2017 NSS day was celebrated by NSS Volunteers in which documentary on the “Indian Constitution” was arranged for students in which 100 students attended the same.

  • Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

On 2nd October, 2017 on the occasion of “Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti” the NSS Volunteers of MMCC had cleaned entire college campus under Swachha Bharat Abhiyan and gave message of Clean India – Green India in the college campus in which more than 155 students voluntarily participated. Prof. S. M. Edke spoke on this occasion. He said Mahatma Gandhi Spent his entire life for getting freedom for our country. It is our responsibility to keep our country clean. Dr. M. D. Lawrence Principal of the MMCC College motivated the students to continue this activity for whole year on this occasion.

  • Celebration of Constitution Day :

On 26th November 2017 NSS Unit has celebrated Constitution Day. On this occasion Prof. S.M.Edke guided students regarding constitutional rights and responsibilities of the citizens. All Volunteers, students and staff members have read the Preamble in common after the programme. More than 250 students were present for the programme.

  • AIDS awareness Rally on the occasion of 1stDecember.

On 1st December, 2017 on World AIDS awareness Day. Mr. AnandPawar president of ‘Samyak’ the NGO took initiative and organised following programs to create awareness amongst the N.S.S youth Mr. AnandPawar Spoke on conceptions & misconceptions about AIDS followed by Documentaries on impact of AIDS on new young generations. After the programme Rally organized from MM College campus to KhandohibabaChowk, Deccan. 114 students were participated in the programme followed by awareness rally.

  • Rally on 31st December 2017:

On 31st December 2017 the NSS Unit of our collegein collaboration with AnandvanVyasanMukti Kendra has organised special Rally on the eve of year end. Rally started from our college campus to GoodluckChowk. More than 150 students of the college were participated in this rally. Students gave message of “Drink Milk No wine” Hon. GirishBapat (Cabinet Minister Food), Hon MuktaTilak( Mayor, Pune Corporation) were present for the programme.

  • Special program on occasion of youth week.

N.S.S department of our college celebrated youth week from 12thjan 2018To 19th Jan 2018following programs were organized during this period. During the period N.S.S. dept. has organisedvarious Programmes on various social isues.

On 12th January 2018 Youth Festival is inaugurated by Mr. Niraj Jain and he enlighten students by the lecture on Swami Vivekanand’s thoughts and Today’s youth. In second session of programme MMCC NSS Unit in collaboration with Anandvanrehabitation center Pune Organised Discussion onHukka Parlor as a rising addiction in Youth. In This Discussion and awareness programme Hon. Dr. SiddharthDhende (Dy.Mayor Pune Corporation), Hon. ArunAvhad (PI Crime Branch, Pune), Hon. AmodhBorkart (Renown Psychiatrists), Dr. Dudhane (Chairman, Anandvan), Hon. Chandekar (Executive, Anandvan), Prin. M.D. Lawrence, Prof. S. M. Edke, and Prof. SushilGangane presented their views on the topic and guided the students.

1. Guest Lecture on M Disaster anagement by Prin.Dandekar on 13th January, 2018

2. Guest Lecture on ShivajiMaharaj as a Management Guru by Dr. AjitApte on 15th

January, 2018

3. Guest Lecture on Importance of soft skills for career development of youth by Mrs. ManjiriDhamankar on 16th January, 2018.

4. Guest Lecture on Media and Social System on 17th January, 2018

5. Street Plays by the students on various social issues by NSS volunteers.


  • Programme on Traffic Awareness.

On 19 th January 2018 The N.S.S unit ofM.M.C.C in joint collaboration with traffic branch of Deccan Gymkhana, Pune organised special programme on traffic awareness in whichAPI RajuBahirame, Traffic Police DnyaneshwarKumbhar and VijayaGaikwadof Traffic division of Deccan Police station, demonstrated the rules and regulations related to the traffic. Theymotivated the youth to create awareness about traffic problems of PuneCity amongst the citizen of Pune City by way of direct and indirect involvement in the remedial majors taken by the Traffic police to control the

Traffic of Pune City. They also advised the students to spear at least an hour in a week for controlling the traffic in crowded places of the city.

  • Participation in Rally on Environmental awareness.

This year our N.S.S volunteers actively participated in the social rallyorganised by N.S.S unit of the college on occasion of “VahtukSurakshaSaptah” which was organized from M.M.C.C to Deccan and back. Around 150Volunteers were participated in the rally. Principal Dr M.D Lawrence,inaugurated the rally by participating in the rally from M.M.C.C to Deccan and back.

  • Cultural Programmes

The NSS unit of the college organized different cultural programmes at various places in Pune these programme were specifically organised for mentally retarded students and old aged citizens at different N.G.Os of Pune .

  • Street plays on social issues

The N.S.S volunteers of the collegeorganised street plays on various social issues such as Dowry and Evil System, Population explosion, Impact of pollution, superstitions and its impact on Society and national integration and secularism etc. These programmes were organised at major slum areas of the various parts of the city. Eminent social activistsandenvironmentalistsof Pune were appreciated the efforts of college and N.S.S volunteers.

  • Social Activities (Sharamandan)

In order to inculcate the value of the dignity of labor amongst the N.S.S students the N.S.S Dept had organised various Social activities (Sharamadanprogrammes) at various places of the city this Programme includes.

  1. Tree plantation C.C.T (Continuous counter Trenches)

  2. College cleanliness campaign

  3. Cleaning and colouring school and holyplaces eg. Temples, masjids & churches etc.

  • Special winter camp:

The special winter camp of the N.S.S dept was held at GorheKhurd, Tal. Haveli Dst. Pune from 15th Dec, 2017 to 21st Dec. 2017 In which 50 N.S.S volunteers and 5 non N.S.S members were participated. The camp was inaugurated by Hon.AshokraoMohol (Former Member of Parliament) LaxmanMatale (Former Sarpanch) of GorheKh., Principal Dr. M.D.Lawarance, Prof. S.M.Edke,Prof.SushilGanganeDr. M.R.Gaikwad, Dr. N. B. Shaikh and other faculty member of Sr college were graced the occasion. The following social activities were undertaken during the camping period

  1. Swachchh Bharat Mission

  2. Construction of rural roads

  3. Construction of vanrai Bund.

  4. Tree Plantation.

Social awareness programmes.During the camping period the social awareness programmes like Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, Aids awareness, population explosion, women empowerment, environment protection and National Integrationwere undertaken by the N.S.S unit. Theclosing ceremony of the camp was held on 21stDecember2017 in the presence of Hon. Vikas Nana Dangat (Ex. Corporater Pune Corporation) Hon.BalasahebParge(Life member of Pune district education board),Villager participants and college staff put their efforts together to make the camp a great success.